Calvary Christian School
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"But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles;" (Isaiah 40:31)


Principal's Welcome


Calvary Christian School was established in 1977 to provide parents a truly Christian education option for their children.  As we strive for high academic standards as a K-12 college preparatory school, it is our goal that academics not overshadow our primary goal which is the spiritual health and character development of our students.

We desire that every child has the opportunity to accept God as his or her personal Savior and to grow as a Christian. Foundational to a student’s spiritual growth is the development of a Biblical worldview. Ultimately, we want our graduates to be Christians who actively serve God with their lives.

To help achieve these goals, we have a mentoring program that is designed to address the needs of the child in areas such as spiritual growth, character development, academic success, leadership skills, or social skills. Each staff member is a dedicated, Christian role model who is active in local church ministry and is personally dedicated to your child’s spiritual and academic wellbeing.

Our academic program is focused on fundamental skills such as critical thinking, communication, writing, problem solving, and math. Our curriculum is practical and faith-based. Our students consistently test well above the national average on their annual standardized exams. Students also have many extracurricular activities in the areas of art, music, and drama.

Live classroom instruction is supplemented with online video lessons taught by master teachers. High school students have the opportunity to take dual credit college courses through Bob Jones University and Maranatha Baptist University.

If you desire to have an education for your child that goes beyond academics to key life skills and solid Christian character development necessary for success, then I would invite you to call 831-637-2909 to set up an Educational Success Consultation with me.

Sincerely in Christ,

Rick Mattish