Calvary Christian School
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"But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles;" (Isaiah 40:31)


Kindergarten Philosophy


We at Calvary Christian School seek to enrich a child’s life through a well-balanced, Christ-centered classroom.  Education includes the areas of academic, emotional, social, physical, and spiritual growth.

The Kindergarten program is designed to reach students who are ready to learn.  The program is one of exposure and not mastery.  We do emphasize academics over simple play and we hope that every student will succeed in the endeavors and challenges given.

Academically, there are several areas stressed.  Listening skills, auditory discrimination, visual discrimination, alphabet recognition, recognition of the short and long vowel sounds, blending of letters, and finally, reading words and sentences. Writing of letters and words is also taught as well as beginning math concepts.

The concepts presented are not meant to be exhaustive, but rather to help a child to have a sense of knowledge and accomplishment.

We strive to stimulate learning through the exposure to various skills and to open a desire for more learning.

A Christ-centered attitude within the classroom provides the atmosphere for godly learning and behavior.

Teaching God’s principles and relating His Word in all the concepts gives a child direction and points him or her to Christ.  This gives the opportunity for a child to see the truth through actual living, and enables the child to apply those principles in life.  Thus, a well-balanced Christian education is provided.